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About us

Production of Paint and Medias

Daily ART is manufacturing highest quality acrylic paints and medias enabling artists, decorators and crafters all around the world to create.

We started in 2010 with the production of acrylic paints for crafters. Today we offer the extensive range of colors and medias for mixed media, scrapbooking, decoupage and other art and craft supplies. The investment in laser machine in 2016 enabled us to extend our offer with hardboard die cuts and reusable plastic stencils.

Daily ART relies on

High-quality products

All our products are produced in our facility in Lithuania under the strict quality control to make sure you always get the best. Every day our laboratory and quality control manager are performing and checking the results of tests of every batch produced before bottling. We ensure quality and color consistency in each bottle.

Safety of customer and environment

When it comes to the production of chemicals, nothing is more important than the safety of customer and environment. Daily ART relies on water-based products and the minimum quantity of preservatives together with following European REACH regulation on chemicals. Whether you are just making first steps or are an experienced professional your health and safety is the most important thing for us.
Few wonderful products, like Metallic Pigment or Epoxy Resin, however, are impossible to make on water basis. They require some special precaution and are marked in accordance REACH regulation with caution marks, so that you be aware, and use them safely.

Easy to use

Whether it is a paint or a crackling medium, it will take you a minute to read simple and short instruction, open a bottle and start exploring a new color or technique. Tutorials and movies showing the use of the products are available on our website www.dailyart.eu. There is a QR code on each product label, scan it to get to the product page dedicated to the usage of this product.