Rinkinys Patinos ir rūdžių efektai

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    Rinkinyje yra visos priemonės ir nurodymai 5 skirtingiems projektams sukurti ir išbandyti 5 įvairios technikos patinos ir rūdžių imitacijoms sukurti. 

  • Rust & Patina step by step instructions

    Assembly and prepare for coloring.

    1. Unpack you mixed Rust & Patina box. Use Wood glue to attach gears embellishments to tags. You can make all five tags at once, as this step is the same for all the projects. A Hardboard has one smooth side and one ribbed side. Use any side you like, combine ribbed and smooth sides in one project, to add more dimension and texture to the project.
    2. Apply Sand Texture Paste to few places on the tags. Decorate 4 Tags and leave one tag aside. It might be convenient to take out a small amount of sand paste and add a little water to thin the paste and apply it with your finger on the tag. Alternatively, you may want to use a brush or a pallet knife to spread the Sand paste. Let all the project dry well for 1-2 hours. For the first four projects, please use the tags with Sand Paste.


    Project 1: Rust using water and paint.

    1. Paint the tag with Acrylic paint use monsoon color and cover the entire surface. Leave to dry. You can speed up the process with a hairdryer.
    2. Fill an empty Spray bottle with water. Open the jar with acrylic paint color yellow. Take out a small amount of paint and spray the paint with water from your spray. Take a brush and mix paint and water slightly to get flowing ink. Dab a small amount of color on the tag and let the paint dry. A hairdryer may help if you do not like waiting.
    3. In the same manner, add Red Ochre color paint and Saddle brown color. Thin with water and on the tag and let it dry completely. Cover nearly all the surface, but let the grey shade be still seen on few places on the tag.
    4. Take out a small amount of the Bitumen from the jar and thin it with water the same way as you did with paint. Cover the entire tag's surface with bitumen and water mix. You may want to make darker shades around the gears and on the edges of the surface. Remover the excess amount of Bitumen with a paper towel while it is still wet. Let the project dry.


    Project 2: Rust using Drying Time extender and paint.

    1. Paint a tag with monsoon and saddle brown colors. Let the colors dry.
    2. Take out a small amount of acrylic colors Red Ochre, Yellow, and Saddle brown. Add Drying Time extender to the colors and mix. Just a tiny drop to every color. Use all three colors to create a colorful tag. Mix the colors directly on the tag. Drying time extender will prevent the paint from drying too quickly and let you play with blending the colors longer. You will need to make the project dry for 2-4 hours.
    3. After, mix Bitumen with Drying Time Extender and apply it on the tag. Let all dry.


    Project 3: Patina using water and paint

    1. Cover the tag with Acrylic Paint Blue Turquoise. Let the tag dry.
    2. Apply Bitumen with a brush to make background darker. Let Bitumen dry.
    3. Spray some water on the tag, just a couple of times to make it wet. Open and take out a small amount of acrylic paint colors White, Blue, Green Monsoon. Add water to those colors by spraying. Mix acrylics with water if needed and apply the colors on the surface. Start with white color, then add green and blue. Maybe you will want to add just a small touch of monsoon shade. But be careful with this color as it is very intensive.
    4. The surface will get very wet. Move the tag slowly. Let the colors flow into each other. Put the tag slowly vertically, so that paint and water would flow off the tag. Let all dry.
    5. You may want to stop here, or you may want to make step 4 again.


    Project 4: Patina using Drying Time Extender and paint

    1. Cover the tag with Drying Time Extender it will help you to keep the colors wet and blend them. Open acrylic colors Blue Turquoise, Blue, Green, White. Apply colors to the surface and blend them gently. Start with white color and add blue and green shades later. Let the colors dry.
    2. Take a small amount of bitumen on the brush and rub in a few spaces on the tag to darken them. Get more Bitumen under the gears and on the edges of the project. Let the Bitumen dry.
    3. As the surface is dry, add a slight touch of luster with Patina. Take a small amount of patina on your finger and gently rub the gears. Let the Patina Dry.


    Project 5: Patina Wax and colors

    1. Take the tag uncovered with Sand Paste. Open Patina jar, this is metallic luster paint containing wax. With your brush dab the Patina on all the surface of the tag. Get a thick layer of patina in the tag and dab to form texture. Let patina dry. Do not warm it with a hairdryer as a thick layer may crack when heated. When Patina gets dry, the texture will remain, and the color becomes very shiny.
    2. Open acrylic colors Blue Turquoise. Take a small amount of the paint on a dry brush. Touch a paper or paper towel with a brush so that the brush would have a small amount of paint on it and gently brush the surface of the tag. Let the paint dry. It will dry nearly immediately.
    3. Add more colors. Use Blue and Green colors and mix blue and green with white. Apply the colors with a dry brush and let the layers dry before the application of the next one.


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