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Mix Media Tutorial Summer

Hello, friends! Ania is here to share my new mix media tutorial flowery summer” created to inspire you to participate in Daily ART Monthly Challenge. If you have not heard about it yet get here Facebook Group Daily ART Challenge: Scrapbooking, Mixed media, Decoupage read the rules and take the challenge!

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love it for a cornucopia of colors, the sun, and the blue sky, fragrant meadows, and fields. I love summer first of all for flowers !!!
Flowers are a great inspiration – shapes, colors, texture. Dew drops on petals are like summer diamonds.

I love Daily ART acrylic paints because their range of colors is comparable to almost all flowers. They can be mixed in an infinite number of ways. The effects are always excellent. I used 5 colors for painting: Light Blue, Watermelon, Pistachio, Carmine, and Saffron.

daily art tutorial mysummer 5

I created the background mixing paints. I also used Stencil Damask and made a beautiful pattern with Stencil Paste – Pearl Pink.
The rest is a crazy inspiration and mixing media. The most interesting results gave the Pearl Pigment – Red and Metallic Pigment – Gold.
Both powders sank in the Tripple Thick Gloss Varnish on flower petals. I also used real grain ears to enrich the composition.

Here are some close-ups of my flowery summer project.

daily art tutorial mysummer 2
daily art tutorial mysummer 5
daily art tutorial mysummer 6
daily art tutorial mysummer 4

Daily ART Design Team Anna Korszewska

Ania Korszewska artist from Poland who never stops
surprising you with color and techniques play. But no
matter what is the style or technique she shows she is
so brilliant. See more of her projects on her page Anna
Korszewska Desig
n. And do not miss her workshops!

All the supplies used in this tutorial are available at www.dailyart.eu

Time to welcome spring! I’ve been waiting for it to come so much. This wonderful time when color is awakening in nature. Today my project is very colorful. For a moment I forgot about my favorite rust 😀 I designed my first spring flower!

tutorials mixed media daily art spring by anna korszewska 4

I covered Hardboard plaque shape #9 with White Gesso. The next step is a flower. I made it using Sand Texture Paste. I formed with a painting knife. I’ve only used Acrylic Paint and Mask Morocc0 #2. I painted a few colors: Mint, Carmine, Apricot, Lemon Yellow, Watermelon, and Turquoise. I also added few embellishments: small paper flowers, leaves, sisal and glued with Gel Medium.

Have a nice day,
Ania Korszewska

The first days of March! I am looking forward to spring to come to see the colors outside the window. In the meantime, I will stay with dark colors. This design is an all-year-round decoration.
I decorated blown goose eggs, and I painted a glass plate. Before work, I covered everything with Gesso ensure proper adhesion of paint to surface.  I mixed three Velvet Pastes: Jasper, Nephrite, Malachite, and Acrylic Paint Turquoise. Then I colored everything Wood Stain Honey, and I used Bitumen to add dark shades.



I love rust! This color, this texture. It is beautiful. In many projects I paint the effect of rust. Today I will show you Rusty Tag.

We need the Daily Art hardboard plaque – big tag 29x15cm,  small shape set heart, hardboard tag shape 60×40 mm and cutouts in the shape of gears.
The products you might for the art work:
Acrylic Paint Cream
Sand Texture Paste
Velvet Paste – colour Jasper
Velvet Paste – colour Grey Agate
Gel Medium Matt

Sand Texture Paste gives interesting unevenness on the surface, dimensional effect. Can be applied with a painting knife, brush, your finger or any texture tools. The Velvet Paste – colour Jasper is ideal for rust effect. This is my favorite product. Every rust I paint only Jasper’s Velvet Paste.

Have a nice day,
Ania Korszewska

Hello all, Happy New Year!!!!

New year = more inspiration for you! 🙂 Today I present to you the idea of making a small box for jewelry or any other small items.

The Oval jewelry box is produced by Daily ART. The box is easy to assemble, you may review the instructions here. All elements can be glued with Gel Medium. And I used a large, openwork bead to make the handle.

After the assembly, I covered the box with White Gesso. On the sides and on the lid, I glued in advance prepared decorative elements from the silicone mold. In the next stage, I painted the whole item with Acrylic paint: Monsoon, Cream, and Velvet Paste Jasper. I mixed the paint and paste until I got the desired effect.

Here is my little treasure box. My cat also likes it much and, perhaps, uses it for his stuff 😀

Best wishes!
Anna Korszewska

Hi, friends!

The best gift under the Christmas tree is …… …. of course, the Daily Art media!!! 😀

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. Today I recommend handmade tags to place on your most special gifts.

For the project, I used rice paper with the winter landscape, Acrylic paint – color turquoise, Glitter  Powder – turquoise, Snow Paste, Glass Beads and  Triple Thick Gloss Varnish.

I painted the frame with acrylic paint and sprinkled generously with the Glitter Powder.  Next I used the snow paste to create a really wintry landscape. I secured this with Triple Thick varnish. Just one layer of varnish is enough to get a beautiful ceramic gloss. When everything was still wet I dipped a bit of moss into it to mimic the 3D snowy tree. At the end I sprinkled the frame with the Glass Beads.


Make this year’s gifts stand out.
Best wishes!
Anna Korszewska

Welcome December!
The Christmas Time is almost here. On this occasion, I designed a Christmas tree. Thanks to glitters from Daily ART, which gave a beautiful glow.

The base of the project is a composition made of snowflakes.  The snowflakes are covered with Bright Silver Glitter Paste. While the Glitter Paste is wet, I have sprinkled Glitter Powder on top, to add more sparkle effect.

Poinsettia is popular Christmas decorations. My Christmas tree is decorated with a symbolic flower. It is a strong accent of this project that is decorated with acrylic paint – color red. Then I applied Gilding Glue, when it dries the surface become sticky, and on top I sprinkled Glitter Powder – Red and Bordeaux.

I love glitters from Daily Art! They are extremely delicate and loose, in a rich range of colors. This is my glitter frenzy !!! : D

See for yourself how fantastic they sparkle in the evening!

Design your glitter frenzy!

Best wishes
Anna Korszewska




Hello everyone!
Today I prepared a tutorial for you. I invite you to creative with fun, step by step.

At the beginning we need the Daily Art hardboard plaque, some cutouts in the shape of gears and the leaves prepared of Stencil Paste in a silicone mold (step 1a).

Step 1
The surface of the board is covered by Gesso Paste. Gesso is applied with a sponge brush to get a slightly porous surface. Then we paint with two colors of acrylic paints – Turquoise and Pumpkin. Mix colors together.

Step 2
The board is irregularly colored with sprays, make some stains. I used three colors: Vintage Ink Spray: Peach, Canaree and Glossy Ink Spray Emerald.

Step 3
The cardboard gear is colored with Vintage Ink Spray: Deep Orange.

Step 4
Now we are doing fraying and “dirt” with Bitumen and acrylic paint Turquoise. I used kitchen sponge kitchen sponge – sharp side in this step.

Step 5
The silicone mold is filled with Stencil Paste in color Mother of Pearl. We wait 3-5 hours for the paste to dry. After that we can take off the finished items from the molds.

Step 6
We use Bitumen and Velvet Paste Pirop.
The leaves are colored with turquoise acrylic and Velvet Paste.

Step 7
We create any composition from the elements prepared in the previous steps. We glue them with Gel Medium.

That is all! 😀 I invite you to a joint fun in Daily Art World.

Anna Korszewska