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Dream Catcher Canvas, by Natassa Blazaki

Hello everyone!
Today, I’m back with my second project for Daily ART and in fact, it’s my goodbye project…
I had a great time designing for Daily ART and I would like to thank our boss, Aleksandr Romanenkov, for giving us this opportunity and being so generous, by sending out the biggest DT packs I’ve ever seen!

Any time now, the new designers will hop in and give you even more inspiration and art ideas. I wish the best to all of the designers – old and new. Be inspired, be creative and good luck with your future plans!
Back to the project, still inspired by the boho theme we had for this month, I created an object that’s the first to come to our minds when we think of boho-gypsy style.

A Dream Catcher

I weaved my dream catcher by using two different sized hoops and some yarn. Then I gessoed the whole thing and glued it with Gel Medium Mat on a canvas that measured 30 x 40 cm. I applied Fine Texture Paste through a stencil, to create some texture on the canvas.

I created the feathers with air dry paper clay. I used a die and some very old scrapbooking paper from my stash, to create the butterfly, some of the flowers and the leaves. I painted them with Glossy Ink Sprays, to make them more vibrant.

For the canvas, I used Acrylic Paints and worked in layers, applying first the darker tones and then the lighter ones. This way I achieved some interesting shading and accented the texture of the feathers and the background.

Lastly, I embellished the dream catcher with trims of lace and fabric ribbons.

I hope you like it! Give it a try and have some fun with cheerful and bright colors!

Happy to be here the last six months.

Always create with your heart and don’t be afraid to experiment!

It’s not about being successful, it’s about being You!


List of materials

White Gesso

Fine Texture Paste

Gel Medium Matt

Acrylic Paints

Olive, Saddle Brown, Pumpkin, Saffron, Yellow

Vintage Paint

Pure White


Greek #2 A5

Palette Knife

Flat Brush

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing my first project for April, inspired by boho and gypsy style. It’s a makeover of the IKEA ROTERA lantern, that we all have at home :)))

As you will see in the video, I used a wide range of Daily ART products, to create a surface to look like antique forged metal, and also to create the impression of stained glasses around the lantern. Overall, I wanted to give the lantern a vintage boho look.

I really hope you like the project. Here are some close-ups.

List of materials

Glossy Ink Sprays

Orange, Sunny Yellow, Bubblegum Pink

Vintage Paint

Charcoal Black


Black Pearl, Silver

Gel Medium Gloss


Vintage J A5

Painting Knife

Foam Brush

Hello everyone!
I wish you all have a Happy Spring Season! Today I’m sharing a project full of flowers and romance, inspired by the beauty of Nature at this time of the year.
I was given a hand mirror – as a gift – ages ago. Not that it wasn’t pretty, but it is the time had come to be revamped!
Since I had to deal with non-porous surfaces like metal and glass, I chose to work with Vintage Paints which have an excellent grip and beautiful coverage.
I used Charcoal Black for my base coat.

spring tutorial for Daily ART by Natassa 2

For my next layer, I  went for a light color. I applied a coat of Milk color of Vintage Paint. When that was dry, I used the dark paint again to do some dry brushing in order accent some details and give a distressed look to my surface. After that, I went over some areas with Gold Patina.
For the green leaves, I did some random spraying on 200gr copy paper, with Glossy Ink Sprays in green and purple and then cut the leaves with metal dies.

spring tutorial by natassa blazaki daily art

I used paper flowers and pieces of gauze to embellish the mirror frame. To create a more subtle look, I brushed the flowers with White Gesso, and then I sprayed with Glimmer Sprays in Pearl Red and Gold. I also mixed some glass beads with White Gesso and placed them here and there, to add a bit of texture.

I hope you like it and get some inspiration for your springtime projects.

List of Materials

Vintage Paint colors Charcoal Black, Milk

White Gesso

Mixed Media Glossy Ink Sprays

Pale Green, Eucalyptus, Light Violet, White

Mixed Media Glimmer Ink Sprays colors Pearl Red, Gold

Patina Gold

Glass Beads

Hello everyone!

Happy March to you all and a wish for a beautiful, colorful and very inspiring Spring!
Today, I would like to share a video tutorial of a project similar to “Mr. Skull,” that I presented for Daily ART at Creative World 2018, in Frankfurt. The layering techniques are almost the same. I also changed my focal point to something more popular than a steampunk skull ;)))

Come Away with Me on a hot air balloon, is an invitation for an escape to the clouds. Fly high and let your minds free! As you will see in the video, this project is all about using different kinds of paint and placing one layer on top of the other, by changing between translucent and opaque colors, using resists, and adding exciting details with background stamping and stenciling.

Here are some close-ups.

I hope you will like it and get some inspiration for your next projects!


List of products used

White Gesso

Black Gesso Paste

Gel Medium Gloss

Glossy Ink Sprays “Royal Yellow”, “Scarlet”, “Bubblegum Pink”, “Transparent”

Acrylic Paint “Calypso Blue” and “Mint”

Vintage Paint “Pure White”


Foam Brush

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing a project I created for Daily ART and presented at Creative World 2018, in Frankfurt.
A lot of people visited Daily ART booth, at the exhibition, and we had a great time doing presentations for such a warm audience.
“Time Flies” is a project with that I demonstrated how to combine various Daily ART products to create a rust effect.

I worked on that surface by applying several layers of “washes,” to achieve many different color shades and give depth to the rusty texture.
Here are some close-ups.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned, because a new video is coming up, where I will present the second project I demonstrated at the exhibition in Frankfurt.

List of Products

Hardboard Plaque

Black Gesso Paste

Sand Paste

Velvet Paste “Onyx”

Vintage Paint “Deep Red”

Acrylic Paint “Black” and “Chocolate”

Vintage Ink Spray “Canary”

Patina “Black Pearl”

Gel Medium Matt


Palette Knife

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share with you an art journal spread I created as a tribute to Winter. It’s my favorite season of the year!

In the video, you can see how I worked with Daily ART Velvet Pastes and Metallic Paint.

I painted an eye as my focal point and built an icy cold surface around it. As if the Queen of Ice is sneaking up on us!

List of materials

Really hope you enjoy it!

The products you might need for the art work

Hello everyone!

This month we celebrate Love and for me, it’s all about having passion and excitement for everything in life.

For my Love Shrine, I drew inspiration from Mexican culture, where people make all sorts of colorful, bright and flowery shrines and dedicate them to their loved ones.

I constructed the shrine by trimming and attaching two book separators on a tag.  Then I glued some heart cutouts to create my focal point inside and also on the outside of the shrine.

I applied two coats of Black Gesso Paste to the whole surface and then worked with different shades of patinas to create a vintage background.

I used a Gold Relief Pen to create a decorative border and I also applied some Gold Stencil Paste to decorate the outside of the shrine

Painted the flowers with Vintage Paints. Lastly, I filled the small hearts with Triple Thick Gloss Varnish.

I really hope you enjoy it!

You all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Little Vintage Camera

Hello everyone!

Wish you all a very Happy and Creative 2018!!!

Today I’m sharing a video tutorial, where I’m showing how I created a little vintage camera with Daily ART Hardboard Jewelry Box.

For my project, I gathered bits and pieces, like plastic bottle caps, a small light bulb, and some kitchen roll tube. Ι assembled the little box and put everything together, to make it look like a camera.

In the video, you can watch how I treated the surface of my assemblage, in order to make it look metallic and vintage.

I really hope you like it!

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you a rustic Christmas project, I created by using the broken pieces of a photo frame. I already used the back of the frame to make “12 Days of Christmas”, that was posted earlier this month.

So, I took the broken pieces and cut them to form a tree shape. Then, I nailed the pieces on a log! See the pictures below, to get an idea.

I used Gel Medium Matt to glue dried hibiscus leaves and some star anise, to create an interesting texture to the background. Applied White Gesso Paste. Then, the first layer of color with Glossy Ink Sprays “Emerald” and “Pine Green”. After that, I glued some chipboard wings and other embellishments I made myself. Coated the embellishments with Black Gesso Paste.

To color and accent the details of my project, I also used:

Metallic Paints “Rich Gold” and Copper”

Glimmer Ink Sprays “Gold” and “Copper”

Vintage Ink spray “Canaree”

Velvet Paste “Jasper”

Glitter Paste “Red”

Chameleon Patina “Gold

Snow Paste

I hope you enjoy it!

Wish you all Happy Holidays!!!

Hello everyone!

Today, I’m so excited to share with you my first video for Daily ART!

Ages ago, I had bought some old rotary phones and had torn them to pieces, for some other projects. I was left with very few parts. So I decided to put them together and make this baroque-style phone.

For this project, I chose to work with Daily ART Vintage Paints, because they have a good grip on all surfaces and a great matte vintage finish. I also used Daily ART Patinas, to add an accent for the details on my project.

I really hope you enjoy it!