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Mixed Media Box Tutorial Wonder Box

Hi, Marisa is here. It is time for a new Mixed Media Box Tutorial.

Do you want to make an old style box? Let´s make it together then. Here I will share super easy step-by-step mixed media box tutorial. I will use a special type of paint that is absolutely amazing; it is a paste more than a paint with a finish that you’ll love. I´m talking about Velvet Paste and let me tell you that once you try it …. you´ll be addicted to it! 🙂  What I love the most of this metallic paint is its high coverage, you won’t need more than a coat.

Mixed Media Box Tutorial

Step 1. Wox assembly tutorial

I took Wood Glue and Die Cut Hardboard Jewelry Box by Daily ART and made the jewelry box. Above you can see how to assemble this die cut jewelry box in short video.

Step 2. Surface preparation

Once is completely dry, we apply a coat or two if necessary of  Gesso Paste Black. We do this to prepare the surface for painting. Do not miss this step. When you apply Velvet Paste or other metallic paint the right preparation of the surface gives you stunning result. Don´t forget the inside!!!!. I´ve made decorative elements in molds and used them as ornaments for my box. I glued the decorative elements to the sides and top of the box and covered with Gesso too.

Step 3. Adding color

Now it´s time to use the Velvet Effect Paste! I chose the following colors:

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Amber
  • Beryl
  • Jasper
  • Saphire

I apply a coat of blue shades of Velvet paste first those are Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire, leaving some black background uncovered just to obtain this old-looking effect. I make sure that this coat is dry before I proceed further. I add the Amber color, a golden tone which I use to highlight the edges and the ornaments.   I do not use so much of Velvet Paste- paint for this. I take a small amount on a brush, and if I take too much, I remove the excess from the brush and gently touch the surface with a brush.  I want to get a sort of “rust effect” on this box, so I also add bronze tones, Beryl and Jasper. Velvet Paste colors are fantastic and so is texture. The texture is rich and creamy with tiny little grain particles that you can barely see, but those particles give astonishing deep multitone color metallic effect.

Step 4 Final touches

For an extra touch of light, I use Patina in  Bronze color.

Mixed Media Box Tutorial 12

I love how this mixed media old box looks now. Let me show you some pics of the final result that I have got. I love it!!!

Thanks for your time and I hope you like this tutorial and that you make lots of boxes, I think it would be a lovely present, don´t you? Make one and participate in Daily ART Challenge.



daily art design team marisa

Marisa is crafter and blogger living and creating in sunny Spain. She makes miracles of creating things that not only are gorgeous but also have a story to tell. Marisa has millions of useful tips and inspiration on vintage, altered, distressed, aged projects to share with you.  Every piece she makes tells you a story.  Find more tutorials and inspiration for scrapbooking and mixed media art by Marisa  of different difficulty level on her blog Scrap y Cia https://scrapycia.blogspot.com


Today we´ve got another tutorial ready!  A Hardboard Plaque transformed into a piece of home decor with a … gypsy heart! You´ll find all the supplies used in this project linked directly to the online shop. Hope you like it, and see you soon with more inspiration.


First step will be to cover the whole surface of a hardboard plaque with  White Gesso and let it dry.

daily art white gesso 1

After this we´ll paint with Acrylic Paint

marisa tutorial daily art gypsy 2

We need to have three holes to insert some ribbons through so we´ll use the Crop-a-dile (or similar) to do this. I love the “dusty colors” so I took little pieces of silk in Pink, Nude, Burdeaux… And I felt I need to “brake” this white background. I have applied some Vintage Paint  randomly in a similar tone of the ribbons. Now I need some texture!!! We´ll got this by applying some White Gesso Paste with a Painting Knife: Once the paste is completely dry , some splashes with Vintage Spray Ink. I’m using this Ink because its opacity, I made splashes using different colors, keeping the same palette (remember?pale pink, bordeaux…)

spray ink daily art

For the composition I decided to use a picture of a vintage Gypsy Woman, and some flowers.  I have decorated my flowers, white ones, with a Glitter Pen.    Love the result!!!

daily art 3d glitter pen red

I´ve used a Relief Pen in Pearl White to make a fine line all around the plaque, just like a frame. For the rest of the decoration I have used the words “Gypsy Heart”, painted in black to reinforce the look of it.

And this is it! ready to be hanged on my Scraproom wall.

daily art relief pen white 1



(Scrap y Cía)

Hi everyone!
This time my inspiration comes from the old Gypsy Caravans, full of colors and mystery… After several days trying to decide my project, I thought that maybe an old notebook would be a good idea.
For it, I have used a hardboard plaque for the cover, where I applied several paints and stencils to achieve the result I wanted.  It was hard to choose the colors but finally, I decided to get blue and gold with some splashes of Rust and brown, for the Vintage look that you know I love!Some embellishments such as feathers, flowers, ribbons, and butterflies complete the cover decoration.
If you want to make your own project you can find all the materials I have used listed below.

I hope you like this new project and that it brings you some inspiration!
Thanks for your time, and see you soon!


(Scrap y Cía)





Hardboard Plaque

Vintage Paint (Aqua)

Vintage Paint (Biscay Bay)

Vintage Paint (Rust)

Vintage Stencil

Metallic Paint (Vintage gold)

Acrylic Paint (Dark Brown)

Acrylic Paint (Carmine)

Acrylic Paint (Flower White)




Believe it or not, Spring is around the corner so what a better way to celebrate it than with a colorful Mixed Media Canvas!! Do you want to join me in this step-by-step tutorial?  Come on!

This time, I will use some Spray Inks along with my favorite texture pastes and gesso, patina, bitumen … over a collage made with some paper stripes from an old book.

The first thing is to cover all the canvas surface with the paper scraps and glue them (both sides) with Gel Medium Matt.  Now we can speed up the drying by using a Heat Gun; this won´t take us more than 5 minutes.


Our second layer will be some White Gesso spread randomly on the canvas with a brush.


I made a few dollies die cuts with the Big Shot to give extra volume.  I glued them with Gel Medium Matt .



Time to cover the whole surface again with White Gesso.


Now I begin to make the composition using small wooden flowers, and paper die cuts, Glass Beads… Then, I glued all the embellishments and covered them with white gesso.



And now let the fun begins! Spray with Mixed Media Vintage Spray Ink, I have chosen Yellow and Carmine and added some touches of Silver Grey.  To make some emphasis in the layers, I applied the Gold Chameleon Patina, and Bitumen on the edges just to give it a distressed look.

Now let´s have a look at the finished project and really hope you like it.
See you soon!
(Scrap y Cía)


Hello everyone!!
Today I bring you my new project related to… Steampunk!! I adore this style and love making projects full of gears, old clocks, flowers…
The palette I have used for this occasion relies on metallics accents, of course; copper, steel, and gold all covered in rust and oxide.  By using Velvet Effect Pastes and the wide range of Acrylic Paints  It was easy to achieve the result I was looking for.
For this project, I have used a Hardboard Tag as a base for decoration. Hardboard tag is a hard surface. Therefore, you can add layers, and layers of pastes and paints and plenty of decoration objects!
After covering the Hardboard Tag with Gesso Paste Black and applying some Fine Texture Paste with a palette knife, I painted it with  Velvet Paste randomly. For the oxide effect just a little bit of Acrylic Paint in “Mint” tone.  After that I made my composition with various elements, all painted with Velvet Paste as well.
So this is it!  Let me show you some pictures and see if you like it.

See you soon!!

Marisa S. de Montes

(Scrap y Cía)

Hello!!! How is it going?  This time I´m here to share with you my latest work based on vintage.  What can I say about Vintage?  This is the style where I find myself more confident, love everything related to past times… so, what inspired me is an old wedding picture, and I decided to create an old-fashioned frame for it.  Do you want to know how I made this?


First step. after making our composition, will be covering all the pieces with White Gesso and let them dry.





I added some resin molds to give it a more dramatic look and then added some texture paste randomly.


Now let´s play with gold!  Paint the whole surface with different tones of Metallic Paint Gold to achieve the look of the old vintage paint.



When dried, apply a thick layer of Crackle Paint, and it is essential to leave it to dry well. I usually leave it overnight.



In the meantime, we could step forward painting the other plaque in red.  Leave it dry and then apply the stencil with texture paste.   After that, when dried, cover it again with red paint and Patina, as shown in the picture.





Once the beautiful crackles appear it is time to cover it again with gold paint and soft touches of Bitumen, which will give it an incredible vintage look.


Some Turquoise on the edges.Done!  We only need to assemble all the pieces and of course, chose our picture.  We can use the Triple Thick Gloss Varnish for making the “date label” which will give us a fantastic effect.







I hope I inspired you to make a Vintage Frame yourself!







Hello again! Can you believe we are in February yet??? Wow, it´s amazing how time runs… This month comes with a lovely date to celebrate, Valentine´s Day, so many of us are preparing our projects related to LOVE. In my case I wanted to make something different, nothing to do with red, hearts, arrows… you know all this stuff we think about when we talk about love projects. So I made a Jar, yes and altered Jar using a regular crystal preserves jar.  I´ve used tones of gesso (Black and White) lace, molds and paints, just to give it the look of an old vase full of memories; and what to say about the colors… hard to choose but finally I decided to use these tones of “rust” with a little bit of green. Let me tell you that I’m very happy with the result.  Want to have a look?

You might need these products for this artwork

Hello!!! It´s Marisa (Scrap y Cía) and I am so happy to be here again.  Today I want to share with you a super easy Mixed Media canvas in rustic style. Let´s start!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

These are some of the materials we´ll be using, stencils, snow paste, gesso, and others. The full list of the materials you may find at the end of the blog.

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 1

You need to cover the entire surface of the canvas with white gesso, you can either use a brush or a palette knife. Let it dry.

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 2

Once dried, we´ll use the stencil with the texture paste in some parts of the canvas (remember to cover the edges too!)

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 3

Now we need to spread some Sand Texture Paste to make a rough surface, and let it dry.

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 4

Now it is time to make our composition.  I have picked some wooden snowflakes and some leftovers that I had from my Christmas decorations and painted them with white gesso, just like snow.  My idea is to make an “Alpine scene”…woods, ski, snow… 🙂

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 5

Add up some crystal beads to get more texture and a bit of shine.

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 6

Use White Ink Spray all over the artwork, which will give you a special glow of the surface!

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 7

Now it is time to use the fantastic Snow Paste! I love it! It is so easy to use and the result is amazing, so real…

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

Step 8

And finally, some brown Glossy Ink Spray just to give the look of “dirty” snow…

Mixed Media Canvas in Rustic Style

This is the final result.

What do you think? Super easy, isn´t it? I really hope you like the mixed media canvas in rustic style that we created today. See you soon !!!  🙂

The products that you might need to create this artwork

Hi!! It’s Marisa (Scrap y Cía).  I want to show you my very first project as DT Member of Daily Art. It is a wooden Tea Bag House altered with different layers of gesso, snow paste and acrylics as well as various ornaments for the decoration. Basically, I´ve played with no more than three colors: white, grey and blue in different shades, that gave it the wintery look.

I´ve dyed some crinkle ribbon with the Mixed Media Vintage Spray in the same grey color and painted a few Snowflakes in blue.  For the roof a stencil with texture paste and a touch of patina and on the front wall another stencil, and white and grey acrylic paint.

All around I spread some Snow paste and that is all,  my house up in the mountains! 🙂

I really hope you like it as much as I´ve enjoyed making it.

See you soon!!!



Vintage Stencil

Snow Paste

White Gesso

Vintage Paint

Velvet Effect Paste

Vintage Spray

Tea Bag House