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Mixed Media monthly challenge blog inspiration

mixed media night tag 4

Mixed Media monthly challenge blog inspiration

  Katarzyna Salmanowicz       2018-06-12       0 Comment

Mixed Media monthly challenge blog inspiration Night Tag

Hello, Today I want to share with you three inspiration projects by our Design Team members to share with you created for Mixed Media Monthly Challenge blog may Moodboard. Is not it fascinating how talented people see the world? The Mood Board is the same, but the interpretation is very different.

There is a short explanation for each inspiration on paints and medias used and techniques.

Mixed Media monthly challenge blog inspiration Night Tag

I used Hardboard tag and shapes sets to make the composition. I have created texture by adding Crackle Paint and Fine Texture Paste and Snow Paste and plastic stencil with stars. Dark shades of Vintage Paint: ocean grey, deep blue, and charcoal black helped me to create the rich and deep background.   For a bit of metallic luster, I added Patina: black pearl, sapphire ( shade of blue), and chameleon blue colors.  Plus I add edVelvet Paste Black Pearl.  And I finished the project by adding few highlights with white acrylic paint. Few dry brush strokes and a few splashes.

Daily ART Design Team Kasia Salmanowicz

Kasia Salmanowicz is living and leading workshops in Poland. Unbelievable transformations that’s what Kasia’s project are all about. Kasia often uses inexpensive hardboards for her projects. She adds a bit of glue and color, and you see an art piece! Here is what she says about this Tag:

Mixed Media monthly challenge blog inspiration Garden at Night

I painted the picture. This is my garden at night.
In the evening, when it gets dark outside the window ……my garden is getting mysterious!!! It consists of special colors that appear only at the time of the first night glow. Thanks to Daily ART I reflected those colors.

The glow of the night with golden and chameleon gold patina. This is non66-toxic product based on water and wax. Apply with a fi6nger or with a dry cloth and let dry. Golden patinas sparkle in the sunshine!

Every dark corner of the garden painted with acrylic paints: colours Ultramarine and Violet.
The rest of the crazy effects are mixing paints, colorant ink spray and stamps in shape leafs.

This is my garden at night – the garden of my imagination!

Daily ART Design Team Anna Korszewska

Ania Korszewska artist from Poland who never stops surprising you with color and techniques play. But no matter what is the style or technique she shows she is so brilliant. See more of her projects on her page Anna Korszewska Design. And do not miss her workshops!

Mixed Media monthly challenge blog inspiration Galaxy

TiTony is here with my first mixed media tutorial made for Daily ART. The mood board of the month theme for this month was the dreams, the night, the rest. I had so many ideas and had a hard time before I finally chose the one for this project. I decided to create about the galaxy as I ever made one in my projects before.

I decorated 15 x 15 cm size canvas. First I applied a base coat of Black Gesso Paste on it. After it was dry I painted the background with acrylics.  I have used a small foam brush for this step. I started with the dominant ultramarine color, then I added other colors purple, carmine, sky blue, and turquoise. I diluted white acrylic color with water and made few splashes with a toothbrush.

Then I have added embellishments. I made the embellishments myself. I have a few molds and use self-hardening clay dough that dries without baking. I needed to decorate the embellishments to match my project. First. I primed embellishments with Gesso Paste Black, and afterward, I added highlights with Patina sapphire and emerald colors. The stars are highlighted with Chameleon Patina.

It was very tempting to add more details and layers to this project, as I have enjoyed it so much and there was still so many things I could add to it. But Ihave remembered that little goes a long way. And I understood it was a right time to finish.

I hope you like my galaxy. See you soon with a new tutorial!

Daily ART design team tii tony

TiTony is passionate mixed media blogger living in France. He works a lot on canvas but is not limiting himself to it. Tags, MDF , boxes and even vases everything can turn to the piece of art if TiTony get it to his work. TiTony often makes self-made embellishments from self-hardening resins and clays. See more of his projects on Instagram : @Tiitonyju    https://www.instagram.com/tiitonyju/ or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MixedMediaCraftTiitony/