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Daily ART new look

Daily ART new look

  Aleksandr Romanenkov       2017-07-28       2 Comment

Five years ago, when Daily ART was born, we had only starting formulas and great passion for producing and delivering the quality products to our customers. During the five years, we have been hard working on the quality and the service that we offer daily. And this year, we believe, the time came for the new look.

We believe that hobby should bring joy. When you creating something by your hands, you want to enjoy the process and the final result. You want to share the results with your friends and be proud of it. The same is for us, when we producing the product, we want it to look good at all steps: during the production, in the warehouse, at the picking and delivering time, on shops’ shelves, and when you use it for your projects and creations. So, we invested in new label design, which we love, and with that we passing our love to you, your friends, and what you do.

I am glad to present you new label:

The label is a high-quality digital printed item, covered by special UV varnish, which makes texts on the labels waterproofed. Products’ instructions are provided in 7 languages and each label has QR code, which leads to a web page with an additional description about the product.

Today we start the supply with the new label for main products, however some of them will remain with previous design till the end of 2017. The mass change requires huge amount of resources, therefore we will do it in several steps. Please follow our newsletters or contact us directly to get the specific information. And, same time, as always, we are open for your suggestions.

Create with Love!

With best regards,