Epoxy Resin + Hardener Transparent, kit 1000 ml + 500 ml

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    Low viscosity crystal clear resin. Pour Hardener into Resin in proportion 1H:2R. Mix for 2 minutes. Pour on the surface or in mould up to 3 cm thick layer and leave to dry for 24 hours.

    1500 ml
  • Daily ART Epoxy Resin for Artist is crystal clear, glossy, low viscosity resin specially developed for jewelry making and Resin or Geode Art paintings. This epoxy resin is also for casting in molds (up to 3 cm thickness). You can use it for woodwork such as river table making as well. This is a non-toxic, easy mixing, UV stable resin.

    Daily ART Epoxy Resin for Artist is a two-part epoxy resin with a 2:1 mix ratio by volume or weight. You can tint this resin with mica pigments or a small amount of paint.