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Farewell to Autumn by Anna Korszewska

Farewell to Autumn by Anna Korszewska

  Anna Korszewska       2017-11-30       32 Comment

Hello everyone!
Today I prepared a tutorial for you. I invite you to creative with fun, step by step.

At the beginning we need the Daily Art hardboard plaque, some cutouts in the shape of gears and the leaves prepared of Stencil Paste in a silicone mold (step 1a).

Step 1
The surface of the board is covered by Gesso Paste. Gesso is applied with a sponge brush to get a slightly porous surface. Then we paint with two colors of acrylic paints – Turquoise and Pumpkin. Mix colors together.

Step 2
The board is irregularly colored with sprays, make some stains. I used three colors: Vintage Ink Spray: Peach, Canaree and Glossy Ink Spray Emerald.

Step 3
The cardboard gear is colored with Vintage Ink Spray: Deep Orange.

Step 4
Now we are doing fraying and “dirt” with Bitumen and acrylic paint Turquoise. I used kitchen sponge kitchen sponge – sharp side in this step.

Step 5
The silicone mold is filled with Stencil Paste in color Mother of Pearl. We wait 3-5 hours for the paste to dry. After that we can take off the finished items from the molds.

Step 6
We use Bitumen and Velvet Paste Pirop.
The leaves are colored with turquoise acrylic and Velvet Paste.

Step 7
We create any composition from the elements prepared in the previous steps. We glue them with Gel Medium.

That is all! 😀 I invite you to a joint fun in Daily Art World.

Anna Korszewska