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Mixed Media Box Tutorial Wonder Box

Mixed Media Box Tutorial 9

Mixed Media Box Tutorial Wonder Box

  Marisa       2018-06-07       0 Comment

Hi, Marisa is here. It is time for a new Mixed Media Box Tutorial.

Do you want to make an old style box? Let´s make it together then. Here I will share super easy step-by-step mixed media box tutorial. I will use a special type of paint that is absolutely amazing; it is a paste more than a paint with a finish that you’ll love. I´m talking about Velvet Paste and let me tell you that once you try it …. you´ll be addicted to it! 🙂  What I love the most of this metallic paint is its high coverage, you won’t need more than a coat.

Mixed Media Box Tutorial

Step 1. Wox assembly tutorial

I took Wood Glue and Die Cut Hardboard Jewelry Box by Daily ART and made the jewelry box. Above you can see how to assemble this die cut jewelry box in short video.

Step 2. Surface preparation

Once is completely dry, we apply a coat or two if necessary of  Gesso Paste Black. We do this to prepare the surface for painting. Do not miss this step. When you apply Velvet Paste or other metallic paint the right preparation of the surface gives you stunning result. Don´t forget the inside!!!!. I´ve made decorative elements in molds and used them as ornaments for my box. I glued the decorative elements to the sides and top of the box and covered with Gesso too.

Step 3. Adding color

Now it´s time to use the Velvet Effect Paste! I chose the following colors:

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Amber
  • Beryl
  • Jasper
  • Saphire

I apply a coat of blue shades of Velvet paste first those are Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire, leaving some black background uncovered just to obtain this old-looking effect. I make sure that this coat is dry before I proceed further. I add the Amber color, a golden tone which I use to highlight the edges and the ornaments.   I do not use so much of Velvet Paste- paint for this. I take a small amount on a brush, and if I take too much, I remove the excess from the brush and gently touch the surface with a brush.  I want to get a sort of “rust effect” on this box, so I also add bronze tones, Beryl and Jasper. Velvet Paste colors are fantastic and so is texture. The texture is rich and creamy with tiny little grain particles that you can barely see, but those particles give astonishing deep multitone color metallic effect.

Step 4 Final touches

For an extra touch of light, I use Patina in  Bronze color.

Mixed Media Box Tutorial 12

I love how this mixed media old box looks now. Let me show you some pics of the final result that I have got. I love it!!!

Thanks for your time and I hope you like this tutorial and that you make lots of boxes, I think it would be a lovely present, don´t you? Make one and participate in Daily ART Challenge.



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Marisa is crafter and blogger living and creating in sunny Spain. She makes miracles of creating things that not only are gorgeous but also have a story to tell. Marisa has millions of useful tips and inspiration on vintage, altered, distressed, aged projects to share with you.  Every piece she makes tells you a story.  Find more tutorials and inspiration for scrapbooking and mixed media art by Marisa  of different difficulty level on her blog Scrap y Cia https://scrapycia.blogspot.com