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Mixed Media Easy Tutorial Starry-Night-Tea Jurkovic

Mixed Media easy tutorial starry night tea jurkovic

Mixed Media Easy Tutorial Starry-Night-Tea Jurkovic

  Marija Romanenkova       2018-06-04       0 Comment

Hi, Tea is here today with mixed media easy tutorial.

This is my first mixed media tutorial for Daily ART Monthly Challenge inspiration tutorials. It has been already a long time I use Daily ART products both for my project and during the workshops I make and have a lot of useful tips to share with you. At the same time, I tried to keep things not too complicated so that this tutorial would be easy.

I can’t stop playing and experimenting with paints and media. No matter how good the paint is when you just cover the surface with it my brain keeps on wondering what would happen if I do something not according to the instructions on the label.  For last week it popped into my mind that I should try heating paints and media with a heat gun. Most of the labels say let the paint and especially paste dry naturally.  But they do not say what will happen if you do. So what would happen if I heat it with a heat gun? In this mixed media easy tutorial, I heated Daily ART Stencil Paste. It turned out so fantastic that I rushed to heat everything else I had on my work table.  See my mixed media easy tutorial video easy now. And later I will share with you what happens when you heat other media and pastes.

Mixed Media Easy Tutorial Video “Starry Night”

Mixed Media Tutorial: Starry Night, by Tea Jurkovic for Daily ART

Step 1. Roughly apply Stencil Paste with a painting knife. It does not have to be perfect. Take a sponge and dab the surface while it is still wet. You can use a sponge brush or get a sponge that you have for dishwashing. It will work just as fine! Heat the stencil paste with a heating gun. If you do not own a heating gun for crafts, you can get a similar effect drying the surface with hairdryer and holding the hairdryer very close to the surface. For this technique, it will work just fine. Turn the heat gun or a hot hairdryer get it to the surface and see the magic. The Stencil paste will boil and get dry at the same moment. You will see bubbles and wrinkles appear on the surface.  Now leave the project to dry and let the surface cool down to room temperature before you go to the next step.

Step 2.

Mix Blue Patina Daily ART and black Stencil paste, the same paste I used in the first step and brush it on the surface. Both Stencil Paste and Patina are quite thick pastes. If you do not stir them too much, they will not mix completely. You will get a thick paste black with blue metallic shine stripes and all kinds of shades of dark blue. That’s exactly what I want for this project. The mixture blends easily on the surface. Let the surface dry before moving to the next step.

Step 3

With masking tape and Stencil Paste black, I created few dimensional stripes. Stick the masking tape to the surface and apply the Stencil Paste on top. And Let dry.

Step 4.

Now it is time for adding more color and shine to the surface. I used Mixed Media Chameleon Ink Spray in blue and gold colors. I have not sprayed them on the surface as I wanted the stripes to stand out. I applied the inks with a brush. What I have learned from my experience chameleon colors work best on dark surfaces. Leave inks to dry before the next step.

Step 5.

I used a plastic stencil and added words to the 3 d Stripes. I used White Gesso to make it.

Step 6.

I painted moon. Dip dry brush to White Gesso and lightly touch the surface to paint the moon. On the relief surface, this will give you dry brush effect. Continue till you are satisfied with the moon you painted. Just remember moon is not a flat object you need to put more white color on one side to look it dimensional.

Step 7.

Attach Hardboard stars embelishments to the surface and add sparkle with Glitter Paste.

I hope you like this tutorial and the tips I shared with you are useful If you have any questions please ask in comments. I invite you to create a project and take part in Daily ART Challenge.

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tea jurkovic daily art design team

Tea Jurkovic is an artist, crafter, and blogger living in Croatia and traveling with her workshops to many countries in Europe.  Tea is a talented artist and patient teacher. She is also a non-stop experiment lover playing with new techniques and breaking all the rules every day. If there is a tip or a technique in decoration Tea is there to master it. But once she master is she will question every recommendation and will not stop until she knows the chemistry of every little detail. And in the process, some new ideas and techniques appear.