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Get top quality coverage at an affordable price with this premium indoor/outdoor satin finish craft acrylic paint. Self-sealing extra high pigment load, thick and smooth creamy formula lets you create without using any primer, sealer, varnish or specialty tools on absolutely any surface.

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Versatile premium quality safe to use matt acrylic paint. Whether you are a professional decorator or just a beginner this paint will cover all your needs. If you plan furniture makeover, decorating a glass vase, wooden jewelry box, your molding clay projects or making an accent on scrapbooks, journals, and other paper craft projects, or even making it all at once this acrylic paint is perfect for all of your projects.

No primer Acrylic paint by Daily ART is self-sealing adhering perfectly to literally any clean and dry surface including plastics and glass. So no primer. Perfect adhesion on a full range of surfaces, including glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, canvas, paper and terra cotta or old surfaces that were already painted with acrylic, oil or any other paints. With these paints, you can add color to anything inside or outside. Tip use on fabrics: Acrylic paint will hold on fabrics perfectly even after washing fabrics in a washing machine in up to 40 C. But the fabrics you wear need to be really soft for a natural look and nice touch to your skin. This paint creates a hard semi-matt surface. You can use Fabric painting medium to make this paint softer. Or you can choose specialty fabric paint that enables you to make semi-gloss extra soft paintings and decorations on fabrics.

Tip: Use on glass other smooth surfaces: Dab paints with a sponge or apply with sponge roller to get the best coverage. If you work on larger surfaces and the weather is hot use roller to paint quickly as the paint will get dry almost immediately. Wait for at least 1-2 hours before applying a second coat or varnishing.

Acrylic Paint by Daily ART offers excellent coverage in one to two coats depending on the color of the background and on the color chosen. With most craft acrylic paints you need to prime the surface with a white or black primer or paint to get bright, colorful and even coverage. Naturally, the pigments are more or less transparent. Many craft paint ranges in the market offer yellows, reds and greens that are so transparent that you need many many layers even on well-primed surface to get even and

solid professional looking coat.

Daily ART Acrylic paint offers extra high pigment load and is composed in a way that you can paint on any surface directly without any primer or paint even with lemon yellow color which is one of the most transparent shades. Naturally, the pigments are more or less transparent. Yellows, reds and some greens are a true headache if you want an even coverage paint. Leave this headache to the producer and created with love!

TIP. In fact, if you do prime your surface with white paint or primer before painting, you may want to thin Daily ART acrylic paint with water and to save this outstanding paint for your future projects. In this case if the surface will be not only decoration but will be used a lot and needs to be washed protect the surface with acrylic varnish.

No primer or varnish is required. After acrylic paint by Daily ART is fully cured the paint creates hard weather and a scratch-resistant surface that you can wash with soap and water anytime you need it.

Tip. Dry time can depend on temperature, humidity, thickness of application etc. Acrylics normally dry to touch within 15 minutes or less, however, the film created by acrylic paint fully cured only after few days. How many days it will take to dry fully depends on many factors like the surface being decorated, temperature and humidity. Therefore we recommend waiting up to 30 days before first soap and water cleaning. After 30 days after application, this paint is highly resistant to cleaning chemicals.

Tip: 2 coats for the best durability

Most of Daily ART acrylic paint colors look so well, especially on the semi-absorbent surfaces or when applied with a roller even after only one coat that you do not see why you need troubling yourself with making another layer. However for the best durability of the paint always do a second coat on the surfaces that will be not only decorative but will be used on daily basis.

Tip: usage on doors and window frames

We highly recommend adding a coat or to of Acrylic Varnish to doors or window frames painted with Acrylic Paints. Doors and window frames are often used and touched with dirty hands. Even though you can easily wash the surfaces covered with acrylic paint your doors and window frames will require less washing and will look more neat and tidy if you cover them with varnish that will into allow any dirt to

Superior Flow and Levelling. No brush strokes

Daily ART acrylic paint is a paint that leaves no brush strokes. The self-leveling formula of this premium craft paint will let you cover any size surfaces evenly and smoothly easily.

Tip: if for some of your project you need texture and having brush strokes mix this paint with Gel Medium Gloss or Gel Medium Matt to get extra heavy body paint that you can apply with a brush or a painting knife.

That’s one of the most important features of the craft paint. No awful smell water-based light odor paint that is acid-free and non-toxic. Daily ART does not use any dangerous pigments or fillers keeping in mind that the safety of customer comes first. All paints are made in Lithuania, European union member under REACH regulations.

Important: Even though the paint is non-toxic you should not eat it, use as cosmetics or use in any other way than decorating objects.

Keep your tools clean simply by washing them with water and soap. You will be able to wash your clothes, tools or any surface accidentally stained with a paint during at least 15 minutes after painting occurs on the surface. Keep your tools in water and wash them after you are finished with decoration. No solvents needed to wash them.

From natural deep earth shades to vibrant and bright colors you will find all the shades in our 60 colors palette. All of the colors are intermixable letting you create a multitude of new shades.

Tip: when mixing pastel shades always use white, flower white as a base and add few drops of more intensive color to tint it. Daily ART acrylic paint is highly loaded with pigments it is very easy to get too intensive color. If you only want a slight change in color never add more than a few drops to the jar.

Despite being premium quality and extra high amount of pigments used in formula Daily ART Acrylic paint is affordable and not expensive paint.

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