Drying Time Extender, 50ml

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Drying Time Extender is a water-based translucent medium that extends the drying and blending of water-based acrylic paint. Helps make blending and stroke work easier and is perfect when making detailed fine art projects.

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How to use Drying Time Extender

Drying Time Extender is a water-based transparent medium that, when mixed with water-based Acrylics, extends the drying and blending times and can be used for faux finishes and transparent effects. Drying Time Extender prolongs the “open” time of the paint. We recommend using Drying Time Extender by Daily ART with Daily ART Acrylic Paint or Daily ART Vintage Paint. The Extender will also work with most of waterbased acrylics offered in the market but please make a test before using as Daily ART cannot control what components are used in the production of paints provided by other producers.

Add 5-20 % of Drying Time Extender to the waterbased paint. More Drying Time extender you add, longer the paint will dry. The drying time of the paint will also depend on the thickness of application, the surface, on less absorbent surfaces the paint will not soak in and will dry longer, and temperature in the room and even on the ventilation. Drying time Extender will add from 15 minutes to 4 hours to the “open” time of the paint depending on how much you will add. Remember that adding 20 % to the mixture will result in paint becoming more transparent.

Alternatively, you can apply a coat of Drying Time Extender to the surface and then apply the paint. This way works especially well for color blending technics.

Blending colors with Drying Time Extender Daily ART

Why do you need Drying Time Extender?

Acrylic paints are well known for their versatility and can be used for many sorts of general craft and artistic paintings. Most of acrylics dry very quickly. Especially when it comes to working in the warm studio with very thin layers. This feature is often considered as very convenient when you make general painting project.  However, when it comes to decoration or artistic painting you often need a more open time of the paint. How would you blend a color or make flowing effects in a thin layer if your color is dry before you add another color? You apply one color and before you added one more the paint already adhered to the surface and does not want to blend without leaving marks on the surface. Or if you make an artistic painting, you often would want some more time to work on details.

You can always add water to acrylic paint if acrylics got too thick. But it won’t help much if you need a longer time to work on the painting. Water thins the paint and changes the creamy texture. Adding more than 10 % of water may also result in changing the thickness of coating and change in scratch resistance of the decorated object. Drying time extender is not influencing the texture of the paint, the paint stays creamy and covers smoothly. The mixture is perfect to apply with a stencil.

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