Fabric Painting Medium, 50ml

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Water-based clear medium transforms your “Daily ART” Matt Paint into durable washable textile paints. Mix Textile Medium in equal parts with your color. Apply to textile and leave to dry 12 hours. Fix with an iron (“cotton” setting) for 3 minutes. Wash in soapy water (up to 30o C). Use on natural fabrics only or fabrics with up to 20% synthetics.

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Fabric Painting Medium is a transparent waterbased non-toxic medium for mixing with Daily ART acrylic paints. When mixed in 1:1 proportion with paint it produces permanent paint for fabrics. Fabric Painting Medium improves penetration to the fabric which allows better adhesion and allows to wash the fabrics in the washing machine in up to 40 C. Fabric Painting Medium also makes the paint more flexible preventing it from cracking or peeling. You can use it for clothing and accessories decoration and for home decor fabric projects.

Fabric Painting Medium and Acrylics painting on fabrics

If you plan to decorate your clothes and want the fabrics to stay especially soft consider using Daily ART Fabric Paint for decoration.

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