Mixed Media Box by Kasia Salmanowicz

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Mixed media box prepared for you by Kasia Salmanowicz. The box includes full size all the mixed media art supplies and embellishments needed for this project,  and you will be able to use them for many more projects. Full video tutorial and step by step instructions are provided below.

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Mixed Media Box contains:

Hardboard plaque
12 hardboard embellishments,
Gel Medium Matt 100 ml,
Sand Texture Paste 100 ml,
White Gesso 50 ml,
4 colors of Mixed Media Ink Spray 25 ml: Glimmer Ink Spray bronze, Glossy Ink Spray melted chocolate and black, Vintage Ink Spray Sepia,
Glass Beads 1mm 30 g,
Glass Beads 2 mm 30 g,
Empty Ppray bottle,
Acrylic Paint colors white 25 ml and black 25 ml.

Mixed Media Box by Kasia Salmanowicz

“Hello, friends! I am super excited to present my first mixed media box made for Daily ART. I love mixed media and retro style. Are you curious about how to do this project? I invite you to watch the movie, how to create such a project. You can also read the step by step instructions”. Kasia Salmanowicz

Mixed Media Box Step by step instructions

daily art embellishments for mixed media set

1.Unpack you mixed media box. Cover all hardboard elements with a thin layer of White Gesso. A thin layer will get dry nearly immediately and you will not have to wait. A Hardboard has one smooth side and one ribbed side. Use any side you like, combine ribbed and smooth sides in one project. This will give more dimension and texture to the project.

2. Assembly entire composition using Gel Medium Matt as a glue. Check how it is done in a video. Make few layers of hardboard elements and make your decoration dimensional. Let the project dry well for 1-2 hours.3. Apply Sand Texture Paste to few places. Apply Gel Medium Matt to few spaces and sprinkle Glass Beads 1mm and Glass Beads 2 mm over the gel. Let the project dry until Gel Medium Matt is translucent.
4. Now it is time to add some color. This set includes Vintage Ink Spray colors Sepia and Black, and Glossy Ink Spray Melted Chocolate, and Glimmer Ink Spray Bronze. You will need all of those colors. Fill the empty spray bottle with water. I really like to have control over the color, so I apply inks not by spraying but with a brush. I add some color with a brush and spray it with water to get blending effects. See how I do it in the video.
5. After inks have dried I added few splashes of inks of the same colors. I dip my brush to the ink and made splashes. And let it all dry.
6. Add few white highlights to brighten the project. I first used White Gesso, let it dry for few minutes and added more highlights with White Acrylic Paint. With a dry brush, I took a small amount of White Gesso and gently touched the surface. After that, I made the same with Acrylic Paint White. Even though both colors are white Gesso is matt and Paint is satin semi-matt. Combining them gives a more dimensional look.
6. The edges of the work gently dimmed with Acrylic Paint Black. Take a sponge or a dry brush, dip it to Acrylic Paint black. Touch a piece of paper or napkin few times to make the sponge or brush nearly dry and gently touch the edges of the plaque.
7. To finish the project I mixed the white paint with water and splashed to the surface.

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