Stencil Adhesive, 25ml

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Stencil Adhesive is the temporary glue for plastic stencils. Apply a small amount with a sponge on the backside of a plastic stencil and leave to dry for 5 min.

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How do I know when Stencil Adhesive gets dry? It is always 5 minutes.

Stencils Adhesive gets dry in 3-10 minutes depending on the temperature in the room and on the thickness of layer applied. We recommend using it with a foam sponge dabbing it on the backside of a plastic stencil. This way the layer will be thin and will be dry in 5 minutes after you finish patting it on the stencil.

Can I see that Stencil Adhesive is dry and the stencil is ready to be used?

Stencil Adhesive is white while wet when Stencil Adhesive dries it becomes transparent.

Should I apply Stencil Adhesive every time I want to use a stencil?

Stencil adhesive is repositionable. Plastic stencil stays sticky and can be used for several times without renewing the layer of stencil adhesive.

How many times could you use a Stencil without renewing the layer of Stencil adhesive?

Usually, you could stick stencils 4-10 times and then you would need to put a new layer of Stencil Adhesive. The number of reapplication depends on the type of surface you use a stencil on. If the surface has dust on it, or if you use a stencil on fabrics you would probably be able to restick the stencil only 2-3 times. Dust and small fibers would stick to the sticky backside of the stencil. If you use a stencil on a glass or other clean, glossy surfaces, you could use the stencil up to 10 times without washing it and reapply Stencil Adhesive.

On what surfaces can I use Stencil after application of Stencil Adhesive?

Stencil adhesive does not leave marks on glossy and semi-porous surfaces. For example, it would not mark on surfaces painted with acrylics. On some very porous surfaces, Stencil adhesive might stick and leave marks. The marks are removable with soap and water.

Do not use Stencil Adhesive on unsealed and uncoated paper. If the paper is thin, you might even tear it. We recommend sealing paper or any other porous surface. Seal the paper with any Primer, Medium or Varnish by Daily ART.

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