Structure Paste

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Water based acrylic paste for relief structures to various surfaces, such as canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, modeling clay, polystyrene, metal, and stone. Drying time 2-24 hours depending on the thickness of application. Can be colored with „Daily ART“ Pigment Paste while wet or with „Daily ART“ Acrylic Paint when dry.

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How to use Structure Paste

Acrylic fine particle waterbased non-toxic structure pastes to create textured decorations. The paste is extra thick and works perfectly with stamps and stencils to produce defined textures. You can sand the textured surface after it is dry with sanding paper. Structure paste is milk white color when dry.

You can tint the structure paste adding acrylic paints up to 10 %. With this amount of acrylics, you can tint the paste to pastel and grey colors. if you want rich and bright color surface, paint the structure paste over with acrylics after it is dry.

Depending on the thickness of the layer and temperature in the room drying time is ranging from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

If you want your textured surface to be scratch resistant and water resistant, please cover the decoration with any waterbased varnish. Daily ART Varnish family are perfect for this purpose.

Tutorial Vintage Style Greek tiles: Structure paste, Bitumen, Patina and Stencils


The paste will stay fresh in unopen the jar.  Once you have opened it and removed the protective film we recommend the following to keep you structure paste fresh for long period.
1. Always use clean tools to take the paste out of the jar, to avoid contamination
2.  If the edges of the jar got dirty, please wipe off any paste from them, and close the lid thoroughly to avoid air circulation.
3. The paste has high solids content and can get too thick or dry because of the air in the jar. If you plan to store Structure paste for a month or longer after you have already used it, please pour a little amount of Daily ART varnish on the structure paste. The varnish will prevent structure paste from drying. You can always thin the paste with Daily ART acrylic varnishes.

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