Studio Gouache set 12 colors

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High quality opaque and matt gum arabic and water-based paint with high covering power for fine-art students and professional decorators. Studio Gouache Set has 12 colors in 50 ml.

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Studio Gouache: On which papers can you paint with Studio Gouache?

Choose heavyweight papers, those above 180 g. Though you can paint with Studio Gouache on any paper, lighter papers soak too quickly and might wrap.

Studio Gouache: Once dry, is gouache permanent?

All colors may be re-diluted with water. It is important to remember when you layer different colors. If you do not need the primary layer of color to impact the next layer, then put the following layer quickly avoiding rubbing. In case you have forgotten to close your jar with Studio Gouache feel free to add water, wait for few minutes and stir the paint to get it back to life.

Studio Gouache: What do the numbers and signs on the Studio Gouache color chart mean?

The numbers on the Studio Gouache color chart refer to the pigments used while preparing the color. The signs indicate the lightfastness of pigments; the explanation is on the color chart.

Studio Gouache: Can I dilute it with water? In what proportion?

Feel free to dilute all colors with water. The amount of water added depends solely on the result you want to achieve. While being solid opaque paints, Studio Gouache can let you obtain transparent watercolor effects if you add lots of water. More water you add less opaque and more transparent Studio Gouache becomes.

Studio Gouache: Can I mix the colors?

Absolutely. Please feel free to mix all colors of Studio Gouache. For the best understanding of the process, please refer to the color chart, which provides the information about pigments used for manufacturing every color.

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