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Stencil Paste

Stencil Paste

  Aleksandr Romanenkov       2017-09-22       0 Comment

Thick fine paste perfect for stencils and 3D decorations for any surfaces. It is waterbased, dries without cracking in thick layers. These pastes are especially easy to manipulate to achieve wanted texture on any surface. The product is perfect for stencils. It is quickly spread and fills stencil easily while holding structure and not changing the relief after the removal of a stencil.

After dry Stencil Paste forms water-resistant glossy or shiny surface. The paste should not be sanded. Due to the excellent texture, you will not need to sand it anyway!

Fill in to a silicone mold

You can also use it for filling silicone molds (molds for icing) up to 1 mm deep to make embellishments and lace decorations for your projects. Fill in the soft silicone mold using a painting knife and leave to dry for about 3-5 hours. Gently remove the mold while the lace is already dry, but still elastic. In 24 hours the object made will become hard.

Mix with Glitter or Glass Beads

Add some embellishments to the Stencil Paste. For example, you can use Glitter powder or Glass Beads by Daily ART. Just sprinkle the powder or the beads over the wet paste. When using Beads, you might what to gently press them in with a clean tool to attach firmly to the surface.


The offer includes two glossy opaque colors: white and black and 13 pearl shiny opaque colors.


Please do not dilute Stencil Paste with water, or it will start cracking in thick layers and will not hold relief. Would you need to make the Stencil paste semi-transparent, you may mix it with Daily ART Gloss or Matt Gel Medium.