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Vintage tags by MS Design

mixed media tutorial daily art tags from scrap1

Vintage tags by MS Design

  Michaela Svatošová       2018-03-09       0 Comment

I know every crafter has a box too keep all the small embellishments, details or sometimes just scrap hoping to use it one day in your project. This is the day to open your box and take everything out!  🙂 Just get you box out and take everything you don´t use.
At first, I picked two big and two small tags and glued them together with Matt Gel Medium. I love this gel!! Then I took a lot of little details and embellishments from my box and attached them to the tag with the help of the same Matt Gel Medium. I did my best to fill all the space on the tag.
When everything was dry, I covered all the surface with White Gesso in two coats. After that, I colored everything with Vintage Ink Sprays– Latte, Deep Brown and Black. I love playing with colors, that’s the fun part of the project! After inks were dry, I added some metallic accent with Patina  Copper and Bronze.
In the end, I just added some sentiments.
This project is easy to do. Try to make a similar tag 🙂 I promise you, you will love it 🙂

Have a nice day.

Michaela- MS Design